about MuseumProv

In September of 2015, a colleague from the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles reached out to MuseumProv founder Chelsea Hogan to ask if she knew any improvisers who wanted to perform at an upcoming Family Day. Like a good Improviser, she said “Yes!  And…MY team does!”  Hogan had already been thinking about how to combine her passion and experience in Museum Education with Improv, and this was the perfect chance to experiment. With the gig at the Hammer on the horizon, Hogan assembled a group of improviser friends to craft a 30-minute performance. Fundamental to the program was creating a balanced blend of in-depth looking at artworks with short-form Improv games.

Two-years later, MuseumProv has grown with infinite possibilities and opportunities to create entertaining and educational programming in museums of all kinds. Past museum collaborations and performances include, The Hammer Museum, ESMoA, and the Palm Springs Art Museum with a team of rotating MuseumProvisers that inject fresh new energy and bring a spirit of play to traditionally serious spaces.


What to Expect:

We perform a 30-minute set for multigenerational audiences, incorporating looking closely at artwork or objects and short-form Improv comedy, all based on audience suggestions, observations, and participation. At the beginning of each program, we introduce participants to the principles of improvisational comedy that has them saying "Yes...and” (the core principal of Improv), recognizing patterns, and even performing simple scenes.

Chelsea also teaches MuseumProv workshops for people of all ages and ability levels, helping others access their creativity and have fun with museum collections through performative activities. Check out a MuseumProv performance or try it out yourself soon!